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A few days out this month and sunny again.

Thursday 07-08-2014
A day out to the Midland Mainline at Millbrook, Westoning and
Harlington. On the way home stopped off at Barby Nortoft for a evening of freight.
Friday 15-08-2014
A great day at Kings Sutton for a last look at the Class 67's on the Chilterns before the 68's take over. Plenty of freight and sun.
Thursday 28-08-2014
A short visit to Whittington Lane, Atherstone to see my first Class 68 but the train was cancelled.
Friday 29-08-2014
What would have been aafternoon and early evening session at Mill Stream Lane footbridge for a second attempt at seeing a Class 68 ended in failure when the train was cancelled and rain arrived at 1600 hours forcing a retreat home.

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