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A good month with plenty of interest.
Tuesday 02-07-2013
A morning at Lichfield to see a GBRF 92 and via Hademore to Elford to see the 20s on the underground stock move.
Saturday 06-07-2013
An afternoon at Lichfield for some interesting workings.
Monday 08-07-2013
An abortive trip to Washwood Heath where I contrived to miss a Long Marston working.
Thursday 11-07-2013
Lichfield to see 92 and on to North Stafford Junction via Burton Upon Trent. Move to Elford to see more 20 action.
Saturday 20-07-2013
To Elford to see diverted intermodal and then to Midland Road Sutton Park to see some engineers trains off Bescot.
Saturday 27-07-2013
Couple hours at Water Orton then to Kingsbury for the tanks and then to Dordon Hall Farm footbridge to see car train.

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